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Ok. I've been using uTorrent for ages. I haven't really given much thought to changing the settings much because I don't really know what most of them should be ... :\

I'm using a 10megabit down / 1megabit up connection.

My router can handle lots of BT, it's very solid.

I use a lot of private trackers and also download from public trackers.

I leave my system on overnight to seed because it really doesn't worry me :)


SO ... what can you recommend me. I'll need to know things like;

Global number of connections:

Max connected peers per torrent:

Upload slots per torrent:

Max number of active torrents (UL and DL):

Max number of download:


Peer exchange/DHT (private trackers recommend these turned off, what effect will this have on pub trackers?)

I'd love to get some opinions.

I've had a good read and I'm not a novice BT user, just wanting to gear my connection the best way possible.

Any guides/whatever you think I should read are welcomed.


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Leaving DHT on or off indeed depends on your hardware (whether it can handle it or not, since some routers die due to the amount of UDP packets generated by DHT). If your router can handle it, there's also the question of whether you actually need it (many people don't, since it's of real use only for torrents with few sources).

PEX you can leave on -- doesn't affect much (unless you're very tight on bandwidth, which you're clearly not).

net.max_halfopen should be left alone.

Everything else is actually answered with torrero's post.

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