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Interesting slow download problems...


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I recently got a new router/modem when I got a new computer with vista on it. Had to try it, really wish I didnt. Its a D-link DSL-502t, H/W Ver: C5. Has the latest drivers and firmware. Had a lot of problems even getting it working on vista. Eventually I did but I was getting very strange download rates, drop outs and slow download of sites like google.com. Also Generic.Dos.Land attacks. So I fixed the ports and fiddled with the settings to get things going better. Also got suggestions from various help sites relating to those issues. I couldnt find a fix for the generic attacks that were coming from my IP. However since changing a few settings on my modem they seemed to have stopped. Altho they kept happening less often after the changes ie: from 8 every 2 minutes. to 2 every 10 minutes, and then just seemed to stop with no extra help. Now my net works fine in all areas. But I cant download torrents properly. I used to get 130kb+ downloads with no trouble. Now nothing above 40kb. Multiple torrents all the same. I've done all the right things. Tested ports, speed tests, encryption, various speed settings. I tried other torrent programs and I'm even back on XP Professional. Still the same problems. So its gotta be my modem. But only for torrents even when the ports are open? I've looked everywhere I can think of and tried everything I can think of. After a week of working on it. All thats happened is I now have a slightly more stable slow download rate. So I've decided its one of those little ticks that need to be unticked that I cant find. Please help me. Anything would be fantastic. If you need anymore info or specific settings please ask. Thank you for your time.

PS: I just noticed the previous post thats pretty simliar to the problems I'm having. I started writting this a few hours ago. It gave me a few ideas of small things to try. No luck tho. But as a result didnt check new posts. sorry.

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