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The "Embarq" is in fact a ZyXEL router, which means that you're behind a double-NAT. Check the user manual's advanced port forwarding guide to get a better idea of what that means for you, and what you can possibly do about it. If you're still confused after reading the guide, feel free to ask for further explanation (you should try to be specific about where you got lost, though).

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Hello quezzie111,

This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. We are working hard to reach out to our customers that are having issues with our service or equipment. I see that you were able to find a resolution that is working. I was not sure if you had an opportunity to visit our www.myembarq.com web page. As an Embarq customer you have access to support walkthroughs that may help if you have any other issues in the future. Also, I am including a link to our port forwarding for the Zyxel 660 modem. http://www.myembarq.com/files/embarq/support/Routers/660_portFowarding.php. Please reply to the below email address if you had any additional concerns about this issue or contact our tech support at 1-877-646-3282. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and with your help we can improve our service. Thank you for using Embarq, your complete communications solution.

Lamont L.

Embarq Customer Support


For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282

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