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Problems using µtorrent WebUI with Opera


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I got a Windows Server and installed µtorrent on it. From home I can't access to that WebUI.

Opera askes for login data. After I entered them, Opera shows me the Loading Page for hours and nothing happens.

I am using Opera 9.50 Build 9807 on Windows XP

and µtorrent 1.6.1; WebUI v0.310 (I don't want to upgrade it!)

The Server OS is Windows Server 2003.

I tried it with Firefox and it worked. But I don't like Firefox.

hope that anyone can help.

thanx in advance

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Starting with Opera v9.50 Build 9755, document.all detection no longer works on Opera browsers, which (I'll assume) Web UI currently uses. The result? It's broken. You pay the price for using an experimental build of Opera, I suppose. FWIW, this already isn't a problem for the future version of Web UI (current development builds work on Opera).

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webUI is working for me in the lastest snapshot of kestrel 9.5

i'm using the same http://blazingwolf.com/webui.zip which comes with a fix to let it work in firefox 3 rc2.

also , to be able to see the menus, i did two things;

-goto to tools/preferences/advanced/content/javascript options button:

and activate "allow receiving right clics"

-when right clicking, press "alt" button in your keyboard and you should see the right click menu :)

maybe there is a more elegant solution, but this is what i found for now

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