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Problem Staying Connected to Trackers


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I've updated to 1.3 and since then I seem to have had a lot of trouble keeping connected to any tracker. I'm not really sure why or what's causing it. It will connect briefly when I start utorrent, but after a short time it drops out and will no longer connect. This seems to be happening on every tracker I try and use, even those that a couple of days ago were working fine.

I can't seem to find anything to suggest that all of the trackers are offline, just that they won't stay connected. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Downloads/Uploads are still working, but I'm guessing it's only storing the info and using what it gets when it briefly connects.

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I'm having similar problems and I'm also not using a router, but a motorolla cable modem (SB5100)

It seems to come and go in fits and it's rather frustraiting. It also oddly will show torrents from the same tracker as OK and others reporting offline, and updating the tracker manually doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

And it happens with both private and public trackers.

And I'm tempted to go back to an earlier version because it seems since I have been using 1.3 the connection issue and the DL speed seem to be slower than the previous version. And yes when I "upgraded" I deleted all the old data in the application data file and reloaded the .torrents from scratch. (BTW I was using a previous beta and had no problems but it was a 1.2 if that helps, I assume it might be related to something in My settings yet unsure as to what)

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