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Torrent Speed Inexplicable Drop


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I am using uTorrent 1.8, and I don't know if this is the problem.

What happens is that my torrent speed starts out fast (especially if the torrent is good). I am able to hit my max download speed, no problem. What happens next is weird.

Everytime, around 30% of the total file downloaded, or when I am able to start uploading back to other peers, my torrent speed drops to 60kb/s and STAYS there. Even at 0.2kb/s upload rate (my max is set at 40), the speed will stay the same.

Oh and there's this bug with uTorrent that sometimes, you can be downloading with a high % and suddenly you will stop uploading. The upload part will go blank.

NAT and ports are all fixed. (Though the port forward test shows that it is not forwarded, then after a refresh shows that it is. Then it shows that it isn't.)

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you seem to have several problems. let's see to the most obvious one first:

your upload rate seems to fluctuate heavily.

in an ideal situation (as in: utorrent is configured properly and no ISP is interfering) the upload rate as shown in the speed tab is an almost constant line; in your case a line at 40kB (because you've set your max upload speed to 40kB, right?)

If it jumps up and down - or if it is significantly below your max upload setting even though you have many peers connected and already a lot of data to share then utorrent suffers either from

1) a misconfiguration in utorrent


2) an interfering ISP.

For ruling out 1) test your UPLOAD speed. Then open the Speed Guide and set your connection to match your upload speed MINUS 10%.

For ruling out 2) try an OpenOffice torrent. If that doesn't get rather close to your max download speed then your ISP throttles bittorent.

Even better: stop all torrents and only seed 1 torrent of which you know is in need of seeders. Does the upload speed reach and stay at your tested upload speed?

Remember that 80 kBIT as shown in a speed test translate to 10 kBYTE as shown as transfer speed in utorrent.

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