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Newbiest of Newbies Q1


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Sorry, the FAQ is too technical for me. I can get utorrent to work - beautifully, I might add - but I'd really like to know more about what's going on.

So, I'm going to ask the things I want to know - one at a time - and crave your patience.

When I look at utorrent in use, the columns labelled "seeds" and "peers" have two numbers, one in brackets. What does this mean?

I am particularly baffled because I am attempting to seed 2 things I have downloaded completely - for one the seed appears as 0(0) and in the other as 0(1)


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The manual actually describes all of this. Check it out (first link in my signature), then, if there is anything you're not sure about (be sure to check the Glossary), feel free to ask. Otherwise, it might end up being us copying things verbatim :P

There's also a fairly long discussion of this particular question here if the manual doesn't help. Again, if you remain confused after reading this stuff, feel free to ask again :)

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