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Port not open


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As a result of my frequent internet disconnections whilst running Utorrent, we performed a firmware update on my DIR 300 router.

Have already forwarded my ports manually and yet, my network light is still yellow. I have download speeds showing but my ports are still not opened. Please help. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

My information for your attention:

Color of network status light: Yellow

Port checker:

Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 16889 on

Error! Port 16889 does not appear to be open.

Please see www.portforward.com for more information about how to map a port.

Please make absolutely sure that PeerGuardian2 or Protowall is allowing utorrent.com ( in either of those programs. Those of you using ipfilter.dat should make sure the list does not include the website's IP. After making sure of this, re-run this test by refreshing the page (F5).

Utorrent Speed guide: DL speed 431 K/bs UP speed 268 K/bs

net.max_halfopen: *10

Operating system: Windows XP

Security software: Windows Firewall with exception to Utorrent, AVG Antivirus

Router model: D-Link DIR 300

Modem model: Aztech DSL605E

ISP: tm.net.my

Connection type: DSL

Speed guide: DL speed 450 K/bs UP speed 284 K/bs

Thank you.

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