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Just started uploading, advice please!


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Just a few questions id like to know:

1st - Under seeds and peers column there are 2 sets of numbers, one is in brackets and one is not, whats the difference?

2nd - As i am starting seeds is there anyway i can tell when other people have finished downloading and if they are seeding or not? (So i know wether i need to continue seeeding)

3rd - i get a max total upload of 83kbs which is very annoying because im with virgin 20meg download so i would have thought i could get a better upload than this, any ideas for improvment in upload speed?

4th - Is it worth using superseeding and if so when should u turn this off?

Help appriciated, thanks alot!!! :)

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In the FAQ and http://xrl.us/SeedsPeers . Also FAQ, but you really should let uT handle the stopping. It is courtesy to seed until you hit at least a 1.0 ratio on the swarm meaning you give what you took. You are limited to the upload your ISP provides. Take a speedtest UPLOAD value and divide that by 8. It will give you your theoretical peak throughput. However thay may differ greatly from your sustained throughput. 83 sounds like < 1 Mbit up... which off a 20 Mbit down isn't a bad thing, but definitely does not help when you're trying to keep ratio on a swarm in a timely fashion. Superseeding does not apply while you are downoading. You may also want to get the µManual (below) to give you more information about the uT GUI.

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1) Check the user manual -- it describes just about everything in the interface.

2) No, there isn't really any perfectly accurate way to determine if recent peers-turned-seeds are continuing to seed, but you can check your ratio and the availability to determine whether you should continue seeding. If the availaiblity is below 1.0, then you should stick around. If it's above 1.0, and your ratio is also at or around 1.0, then it's probably safe to leave the swarm (though you should keep the torrent around in case it ever needs to be reseeded).

3) BitTorrent doesn't guarantee speeds, since you're at the mercy of the sum of the other peers' upload rates. As such, the only thing you can do is set things up properly and hope for the best.

4) Super seeding should be enabled only if you are the only seed in the swarm (basically, if you're the initial seeder), and if there are at least 2 other peers in the swarm. Super seeding generally gets the availability to 1.0 more quickly than traditional seeding can, but often at the cost of lowering the overall upload rate. It depends on your needs, really: are you trying to get the files spread more quickly for less bandwidth usage, or do you simply not care and/or want to keep your overall ratio up?

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