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All torrents download slow and disconnect my online games.


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Okay I am running Windows Vista (same symptoms happened on Windows XP). I have the windows firewall disabled and am not running any other firewall software.

In the picture I have a bunch of stuff let me explain it all -


1) I have a green marker in the bottom of my uTorrent saying my connection is fine.

2) All torrents I download have a blue box with a white downward arrow in them no matter how many seeders or leechers or what changes I make to the torrent to get a good download speed.

3) My router is an RP614v4 Netgear router.

4) I have setup the port forwarding from 64178 to my PC x.x.x.151

5) My PC's IPCONFIG all showing its x.x.x.151

6) Shows the listening port of the connections to be 64178 same as the forwarding.

7) Is the errors on the router that I get when trying to Online game and run uTorrent at the same time. This results in 15 minutes of both running then a disconnection of the online game and then random game disconnections until 10-15 minutes after I turn off uTorrent.

The bottom line is I get horrible download speeds. My speedtests run from 5-8 meg download yet 500 meg torrent transfers can take a week +. On top of this I can't game and download either. (Which I would not mind that fact if I could do fast torrent downloads).

I read through http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php and http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992#p258232 and have scoured the internet to see what may be going on.

Here is the troubleshooting I have done -

1) This is the second router I have used the first was a linksys (same symptom)

2) This happens on multiple PC's with different configurations. (I have tried 4 now)

3) This has been forwarded to multiple different ports trying to get a good port that may work better than 64178.

4) Checked and unchecked almost everything in uTorrent.

I have not tried another torrent client just because I love uTorrents layout. I fear if I can't get to the bottom line with posting here I'll have to go to a different client and try that but 'm scared if that does not work what else may be the problem.

PS This is a router plugged directly into a cablemodem and the cablemodem has no internal router so I am not going through 2 routers.

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Okay after alot of changing and retrying still no help -

COMMON PROCEDURES (reiterated just to be sure)

Try disabling IP resolving in the Peers tab's context menu

-No change-

Try disabling DHT (Can be found in Preferences > BitTorrent)

-No change-

Try disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP (Can be found in Preferences > Connection)

-No change-

Try disabling peer.resolve_country if it isn't already set to false (Can be found in Preferences > Advanced)

-No change-

Try lowering maximum global number of connections to 200? 100? 50? (Can be found in Preferences > BitTorrent)

-No change- I went down as low as 10 I did jumps in increments of 25

Try lowering net.max_halfopen to 4 (Can be found in Preferences > Advanced)

-No change-

Try patching TCPIP.sys (Windows XP w/ SP2, Windows 2003 w/ SP1, or newer)? Windows Vista users can try this out, but no guarantees are made. Users not on Windows XP w/ SP2, Windows 2003 w/ SP1, Windows Vista, or newer can skip this step.

-Didn't bother to patch as this ha happened on so many PC's I am doubting this to be the culprit.-

Connect your computer directly to the modem to make sure the problem is not caused by the router

-It works faster but this is now router number 2 and not on the bad router list-

Restart your computer, modem, and router after performing any of the above

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TCP SYN Flood. Are you hosting a server for the game? I ask because there are idiots that attack game servers, even lesser known ones (one guy hacked mine, made a sniper rifle auto-lock on your head while shooting like a minigun... that's overkill. And worst still, it happened right after I decided to test a different security patch -_-).
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Well, it could also be your router misinterpreting the massive number of connections you may be receiving. My old 2wire router's firewall also kept alerting me that I was getting SYN floods, and my internet connection would periodically die. After upgrading to the Linksys WRT54GL with a third-party firmware, I've had absolutely no troubles.

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Nope I am not hosting a game and I don't publish my WAN IP wildly out on the net. In fact I have a DHCP IP from my ISP and I have even gotten 2 new IPs and the problem still happens. From what I understand with trying to look at the log files is its some kind of attack of some kind. The only thing that I must stress is the ONLY time this registers is when I am behind the router and have both the game and uTorrent open. If I only am running one of the 2 I don't get any log errors at all. But if I am only running uTorrent and not any online game its still slow Woot tonight I got a whoping 30kb for a little bit on a torrent with over 1k seeders and 7k leechers. :(

For a speedtest that is 5-8mb on a touted 10mb line thats kinda sad.

I read the wiki and I wonder is it something with this uTorrent and the home routers? Also the fact this syn seems to be some kind of acknowldgement issue I am wondering if something between the router and the other torrent leechers is causing this to register?

Are there perhaps other router tweaking settings I need to do outside a single port being forwarded?

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I did update the firmware. Thank you for the link. I have to admit the slowness is still there.... This is pretty unreal that I can have this bad of a transfer speed. Is there anything that is like a torrent settings checked that just will go down thel ist and figure out what is wrong. Like some kind of diagnostic. I never thought P2P would be this difficult.

BTW does it help to mention I am uploading at 2+ times the speed of the downloads? I hit 75kb upload when I take of that throttle but DL is still pokey...

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