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how do i turn off game mode DMZ

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i think this is the fix but how do i do it....."I get tons of hashfails on my torrents, (D-link routers, any other router with game mode DMZ)"

i do have a D-link router and the problem was not happing as much before i sorted out my porting. i would like to turn off this dmz "game mode" but i can find it.

oh opps i have a dsl-g604t wireless router if that helps

also how many hash fails is lots like is 33 heaps on a 9 gig file????

i have 31 and have downloaded 33% of a 9 gig file

i can read up the top to and its not about a file its about what to expect when downloading :-)

sorry i'm new to this


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DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is used to allow a single computer on the LAN to be exposed to the Internet.

Enabled Disabled

IP Address:

it doesn't say any thing about games ..?

is this it as it is disabled and if that is the case its back two the second question

what is a normal amount of hash fails

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If you want turn it off.. uncheck the box and or change the IP listed off your current LAN IP. Wasted is explained @ the FAQ Hashfails and Wasted. Normal is... questionable. If you enable the Hasherr column in the Peers tab you can see who is responsible for the hashfails. Additionally if you see in the Logger tab that peers have been banned for sending bad data you may want to invest in learning about ipfilter.dat.

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10.x eh? If you start->run->cmd /k ipconfig /all is your LAN IP and Default Gateway also 10.x? That sounds like you're being re-routed or getting all your traffic from a proxy... and if all peers come up with that range of IPs you shouldn't ipfilter them, or you won't connect to any peers.

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no not that many of them at all are 10.x .

there's none in the list right now.

like one or two hasher of one in fine right depending on how much data that you have got from them?

72.4 MB (51 hashfails)

on a 9.41 file which i have 4.30 GB of

still how do i ip fillter or should i just let it ban people itself.

or is sometimes a personal problem and i should fillter them?

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