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Playing sounds when download completes


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I've noticed a few posts asking about this feature and thought I'd contribute something.

I wrote myself an app a while back to play a "Download Complete" message when my uTorrent downloads finish.

If anyone is interested, I've packaged it up and placed it on my site for download.

The basics: it's a filesystem watcher. You point it at your uTorrent "completed" folder and anytime something new is created in there, it plays a sound. I haven't presumed to have it start with Windows, so if you want to do that, just copy it's shortcut into your "Startup" group.

Anyway – I've been using it for ages and it works pretty well. It's called "Done!" (late night naming) and it's in the "Downloads – Free Stuff" area of www.nocturnalware.biz



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There's an option for each torrent.

"Run this program when the download finishes..."

I have uTorrent run a little program that e-mails me. But you could easily change it so it plays a specific sound. Be kinda cool if you get one of those text to speech programs and it'll say... "torrent xxxx has finished"

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I originally had text-to-speech in my app so it would announce the name of the folder/file that had been created instead of just saying "Download Complete". The problem was that most of the downloads don't have nice straight-forward names so the pronunciations just become kinda comical :)

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