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Number of peers that can seed


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Hi there,

I have about 80 peers for a torrent. 40 of them have 100% of the file.

Why is there only 10-15 of them actually sending data to me ? Why Can't I get the "full power" ! ?

Thanks !

---Edited post -----

Ok ... sorry ... it's because of speed throttling by Bell Sympatico during certain time period ... I guess. I got speed over 200k/sec but now I can't get past 55k/sec.

I paused one of the two downloads I have and the speed of the one still downloading increased to 55 k/sec.

So the total speed can't get past 55k/sec with Bell sympatico at certain time. I'll do other test at diferent time period tomorrow. I'll let you know of my results.

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If everyone was uploading to every peer they connected to (like BitComet sometimes tries to do!), then everyone would likely be uploading at less than 0.5 KB/sec each. Speeds would suck far worse than now, because splitting limited upload many ways = less actual file transfer speed.

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