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This is all new to me....please bare with me.


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Hello all,

I'm darren from the uk, pleased to meet you all.

I've read through the FAQ and various threads, where to start?? Ok, my internet speeds are 15-20mb download and 0.8mb upload, if i can improve my upload speed that would be good. I've seen some guys on here have 1.5mb+.

So anyway, I've just tried to download a music file, it was 229MB in size. It has taken 30mins to receive 2% of it, there are no seeds and 3 peers? what does this mean. My down speed has been no greater than 30kB/s? once again im not sure what this means either. Also it keeps changing between Active & Inactive? why is this, if its something im doing please let me know.

Im using a new VAIO laptop with a 160g hd & 2g ram. so i think the machines ok, its only 2 months old.

While i was writing this a seed has appeared and the down speed has gone up to around 100kB/s, is that normal or should it be higher.

Im still not 100% sure as to how the whole torrent thing works, but ill give it a go and try to understand whats going on! lol.

Ok before i go, i've just checked again and iv still got a seed and 2 peers, and the down speed has shot down to 10kB/s??

If someone could just give me a rough explanation as to how it works and what is need to download quickly that would be much appreciated.

Bye for now,


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Select xx/768k in the Speed Guide.

What's needed to download quickly is proper settings and a bit of patience/luck. BitTorrent is a P2P protocol, and as such, you're at the mercy of other peers to provide you with your download speed. Not all peers upload quickly (in fact, they don't normally upload quickly enough to fill your download rate).

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