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Red connection,unable to pass the port test in utorrent.Pls read on...


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Alright, im sure this problem has been discussed million of times, but mine is slightly different and a little more tricky(at least for me).Let me give a brief history.

I have been using utorrent for a while and its definitely a good light weight client, but i didnt really pay much attention to the red/green/yellow indication below. One fine day, i decided to pay attention to it. It was red.

I know i have to turn off my windows firewall, forward the port to my modem and etc. Nothing works, until i removed my VPN software which at the point of the time was not connected. I didnt realise it will 'serve' as a proxy even when you are not log on to the vpn. Thus, all system green. I pass the port test and have rocket speed for downloading.

Recently, i got a new system and installed pretty much the same software as the previous one i was using.

Somehow, my port is still block.All kind of port test show that specific port as timed out.

I do not have any other firewall except for the windows firewall which i have disabled in the administrative-services

I definitely have forwarded the port with my new system into my modem/router coz it's pretty straight forward as well.

I have disabled my antiv virus as well and definitely no VPN installed.

Thus, what could have caused the problem? It seems like something is casting a thin veil on my open port. Im pretty sure theres no virus as well as ive done all essential precaution and scanning.

Thanks for the help in advance, helpful pple here.

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What modem are you using? What router? And just for completeness's sake...

a) get HijackThis from trendsecure.com, run it, view the log, and post the contents here

B) get Process Explorer from sysinternals.com, run it, Ctrl+D (to show the lower DLL pane), select the µTorrent process from the list, Ctrl+S (and save the list somewhere you'll find easily -- like the Desktop), then post the contents of the saved process list in the .txt file here

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