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i too am having stupidly low download speeds


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i thought it might've been me. so i check the thread that says which ISPs throttle connections, and mine wasn't on there (AOL).

ive tried with other torrents, ones with low seeds and high seeds. still low. ive changed my port, made sure it's forwarded. still nothing.

i tried the open office test, and thats downloading as we speak at an average of 200kbps. every other torrent is lucky if it goes above 10kbps. oh, it has just finished, and it took 10 minutes

my general internet is fine.

my speedtest i took about 5 minutes ago.


and this is one i just happened to take just under a week ago.


as you can see, not much has changed. my upload speed has always been that bad, and i have no idea why.

im using a netgear wireless router, but im on the computer that is wired up to it via the yellow wire (ethernet one? sorry im not too good on the jargon).

this time last week i was getting proper speeds.

now i've seen that kloads of people are getting this, is this a problem with utorrent? i was going to try another client, but i like using utorrent, so id like to see if there is a solution before i change.

thanks, and sorry for it being the same question as everyone elses

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i am getting the green tick, and yes my port is open.

i never get blazingly fast speeds, and i dont really mind that. usually its high enough to download a movie in about 1 day, and i dont really care aboou that. i just dont want be waiting 8 weeks like its saying it will do atm

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1) settings for what?

2) nope, it has 1058 seeds and 3297 peers according to mininova. atm its saying it only has 4 seeds, however i also have that orange/yellow circle at the bottom. this usually goes after a few utorrent restarts.

3)sorry, but i dont understand

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µTorrent has a graph window showing how fast it's uploading/downloading. The highest µTorrent can smoothly upload is often plainly visible in that graph if you're on busy torrents with many peers.

Your settings are a little high, as you don't quite have 384 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth.

Use the xx/256k settings for starters, but increase upload speed to ~30 KB/sec and total active+downloading torrents back to 3 and 2 each.

Your ISP likely is throttling you if even "good" torrents download and upload slowly.

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tokm-nikita How are we supposed to know? You didn't provide even basic information from a speedtest (Speed Guide Ctrl-G gives nice starting point). Alot of times people report this with horrid settings. If the method from the How-To fails you then you're left with ISP interference, which means you should track the time of day/week where the hard limit happens and then ask them nicely if they shape traffic.

The sad part is most people don't see the part about reducing active connections to a miniscule point to prove the trigger mechanism. With the variety of ways for shaping profiles, it takes ruling them out one by one (traffic per time, connections per time, connection load, DHT, encrypted traffic) to see what helps and where full usability is restored.

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Yes, upload rate = maximum upload speed uTorrent tries to use.

(Though it may actually overshoot a little bit, it's typically not by much nor for very long.)

Is your upload speeds on uTorrent's speed graph actually maintaining the 20 KB/sec you told uTorrent to use?

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pretty much yeh. it dips a little, but it mainly stays.

ive just started a new torrent, and that is downloading at 30kbps. so i think it might be the tracker its on.

10/3/08 - my speeds gone up to 220kbps+. i hope it's not a fluke.

edit again; spoke too soon. we have a massive storm going on atm, and it knocked my internet out of wack. its back up now but im getting crappy speeds again

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