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Making Utorrent the ''default'' downloader...


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I recently acquired Utorrent, and was amazed to see how efficient and user friendly it was!

But, this morning, I found myself having a small problem :

I have allways been a fan of downloading music and stuff on the internet - in my country, Canada, it is 100% legal - but was not familiar with peer-to-peer applications.. I allways tought it was complicated, not as good, etc, etc. So, I had other programs (such as limewire) to do the job...

I, now, basically only use Peer-to-peer, for its quality is, I find, much better. But, as I said, this morning, as I wanted to download some music, went on my favourite torrent site, and what happens? The main torrent downloader is Limewire!

Is there any way to correct this? Making Utorrent again the primary downloading engine?

I thank you all for your time and answers!



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