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Speed Problem. Downloads stall.


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I have the Verizon DSL "Lite" (up to 768 K) service. It's worked fine for about a year and a half. About two weeks ago I started having problems.

It slowed way down and when watching a video clip it will go for a while, then stop.

I have a Westell 6100 modum. When the internet connection stops the green internet light stops blinking and just shines steady.

When I check the task bar under networking it says the connection is operational, but the network utilization is flatlined at zero.

I've done some ping test and a lot, but not all of the replys are "request timed out".

I have a McAfee Security subscription on my computer.

Of course I called Verizon and they were no help.

I have been using the program BitLord for about 8 months. My internet was always much slower when BitLord was running in the background, but strangley now it is faster.

If I run Bitlord in the background the green internet light on the modum keeps flashing and the connection is much better, but not as good as it was before I started having the problem.

Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

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