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Slow Up Speed ALWAYS


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Hey ppl

Since the new 1.3 release of uTorrent, i've had some problems with uploading... the speed is always low, at best around 10kbps, killing my download speed.

Current set up speed is 26kbps, no NAT problems (with uPnP or without), i use the patched (to 50 half-open connections) tcpip.sys file of my Windows XP SP2, and have tryed downgrading my uTorrent to a lower version, deleting, also, the config files, without sucess..

How do I solve this? any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Diego, set your upload limit in utorrent to about 70% of your hardware upload capacity. For example, I have 900kbs(112kB/s) upload so I set mine at 70kB/s. Also, set upload slots to give between 2.5kB/s and 10kB/s per upload slot, I have mine set at 10 upload slots. Then, set max peer per torrent to at least 10 times that of upload slots, I set mine at 500 because my connection can handle all the TCP traffic that all those connections generate but a 10-to-1 ratio is good enough. Obviously, set global max connections to equal or more than max peers per torrent.


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