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Strange speed issue


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Hi. I am cable modem user, I have public IP and my internet connection is 2048/256 but it usually goes about 1800/220. In the night my dl speed gets higher by four times. Few days ago it was all ok but after windows reinstallation I noticed strange thing. When one or two torrents is started download speed is about 200-230kB/s so it is almost full throughput but when 3 or more torrents are started I can't get more than 80-90kB/s. It's almost like it's splitting dl speed into active torrents and there is limit 90kB/s no matter what I do with settings.

I have "green light", patched TCPIP.sys up to 50 connections (net.max_halfopen 35), 750 global connections, 100 connections per torrent, 8 upload slots, dht on, 21kB/s max upload speed.

I made a "recommended boost" with TZ connection booster and TCPOptimizer.

I tried all from speed issues guid.

I use peer guardian and AntiVir.

Windows firewall is off.

I changed in NVIDIA nForce controller "Optimize For" from "CPU" to "Throguhput".

I have max speed with Slackware and Open Office torrents.

I have Windows XP.

ISP: Vectra.

Connection: Cable modem.

Speedtest: I've tried many speedtests and one shows 400/220 another 900/220 and another shows 1800/200 but most of them show about 1800/220.

I don't know what this could be but this is really annoying. Maybe it is something with HD because I had RAID issues few days ago.

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TCPOptimizer is a joke

I see but i had to try every possible resolution.

I know I had wrong settings but it was because of my misunderstood but nvm. Now I have proper settings (xx/256). But what about net.max_halfopen? Should it be default (8)?

Some people was also saying that my ISP has started to throttling p2p traffic. I don't know if it's true. I will ask my friend if he has the same issue.

But this is strange because I was having those settings for a long time, I was doing sometimes even 10 torrents and always was having full throughput but after my Windows reinstalled few days ago this speed issue appeared.

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Reinstalling windows changes things ... just because your uT didn't change doesn't mean windows wasn't changed (and forgot ;)) Active torrents is fine as long as you're not overloading the connection. When you increase torrents from default, be sensible and reduce connected peers. There is a threshold for every connection and computer setup which should not be crossed for stability. This threshold may also exist and be lower depending upon the certain ISP.

As long as you're not experiencing problems halfopen should stay default. Changes to defaults come with their own consequences ;) I'm glad it works again... and if you want to stress-test the new install feel free but remember what you changed.. or be safe and backup your settings before you change things so you know no matter how messed up you think things are you always have that to restore if things go FUBAR :D

Also be sure your re-install didn't add incompatible software... and be sure the slowdown isn't due to extra software by verifying with http://xrl.us/OOoP2P or http://xrl.us/SWP2P . They can also be used to test varying daily/weekly ISP shaping profiles.

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