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AGH!! 99.8% Downloaded now only 7.7%!


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There is no known bug in 1.8 that would cause this. If it happens to anyone please:

- is bt.compact_allocation on?

- is diskio.use_partfile on?

- are you skipping files / is this a multifile torrent?

- can you reproduce this reliably by ending the task from Task Manager?

- can you send me the data that 1.8 does not full recheck properly?

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There are times when the resume file is out of date upon closing of uT. Doing the recheck updates this ;)

Understandable. However hopefully there isn't a difference between rechecking in 1.8 and rechecking in 1.7.7. There is a bug in 1.7.7 where it will claim to have more data than it really does after a full-recheck, but only if compact allocation is on.

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