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Level 1 - wbr-3470 A


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Good day to all

I am using the router Level 1 WBR-3470 A router and i have been using utorrent but although i had already open port i dont have good speed. For some public files that my speed should have been around 1000k i can recive only 100k.

Maybe someone can help


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The speed from there is around 40 k.

My statistics are:

DSP FirmwareVersion DMT FwVer:, HwVer:T14F7_1.0

DMT Status Up

Operational Mode ADSL2+

Upstream 1021 kbps

Downstream 15847 kbps

Noise Margin (Upstream) 9.7 db

Noise Margin (Downstream) 5.9 db

Attenuation (Upstream) 15.5 db

Attenuation (Downstream) 23.0 db

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And also afte downloading in theses speed after a certain times all downloads stopped and cannot finish. Each time i try to download a file after 10% or 15 %, downloadings stops. Stops and never continues

just to add that i am using vista

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