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Files not in order when creating torrent


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Hi :)

Been using uTorrent for quite a while and despite SP2 and my ZA firewall being totally at odds with it (and crashing me occasionally) it's been more positive than negative. However, today I hit something I've never encountered with uTorrent in all the torrents I've created through it...

I have a folder with 15 mp3 tracks in it (my own music, just to point out!) and prior to releasing the album I re-ordered the tracks (renaming the mp3 files and changing the IDv3 tags to reflect this). I made a copy of the folder to go in my uT shared files directory and created the torrent using uTorrent (currently running 1.7.6).

This all went fine, as it has done many times. However, I uploaded the torrent to the TPB where I host a lot of my own music and noticed the file list started at track 05, not track 01. I created the torrent again and re-uploaded to TPB, only to get the same problem. Upon reading the torrent file in an editor I noticed the first file it lists IS track 05. (Basically the list shows tracks 05-15, then 01-04).

I tried making another copy of the folder and the files and got the same problem. The only thing I did notice was that the first mp3 encoded (going by creation date) was track 05... The question is how the heck do I get uTorrent to sort by filename, since it's obviously not doing that in my case?


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