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Upload slots question


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I'm the only seed on a new torrent. My max upload speed is about 50 kB/s. There are currently about 60 leechers. I've got the upload slots set to 3. What would be the best number of upload slots to seed the torrent as quickly as possible? Thanks.

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Need more information...

BTCentral ISP definitely throttles BitTorrent traffic, so it's debatable whether you can actually get and sustain 50 KB/sec upload speed. ...at least during peak hours.

The peers you're connecting to may also be on throttled ISPs, so upload slots definitely needs to be higher than 3 if it's the only torrent you have running.

Many of the peers may be hit-and-run types, regardless of client type...so seeding to slightly more peers at once using more upload slots counters that slightly. The type, size, and nature of what you're seeding has a big influence on the proportion of hit-and-run types you get on the torrent. The bigger the torrent, the MUCH higher the likelihood of peers that won't share back nearly as much as they got before they leave. The more popular something is, the bigger percentage of hit-and-runners there are on it.

If there's any hostile poisoner ips, then you actually need to lower upload slots and use a decent ip block range in ipfilter.dat

If you're the first to seed the torrent and all the peers have very little of the file...turn on forced encryption and disable legacy clients. This tends to eliminate the REALLY BAD older BitTorrent clients that didn't share (upload) very well. ...and means you can run with slightly less upload slots.

You could even run in firewalled mode to ensure the first few peers that get large chunks of the torrent are NOT firewalled and better able to share with anyone else on the torrent swarm. ...also means you can run with slightly less upload slots.

There are absolute lower and upper limits for upload slots to work well. I've found that 3 or fewer upload slots cause lots of downtime due to trying to upload to bad/slow peers. And having so many upload slots that EACH cannot get at least 2 KB/sec just causes lots of overhead and doesn't speed up the file transfer any. The best range to be in is 3-10 KB/sec upload speed PER upload slot while downloading and maybe 5-20 KB/sec upload speed PER upload slot while uploading/SEEDING.

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