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wrt54g router dd-wrt firmware


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I installed the recommended dd-wrt v23 firmware on my linksys wrt-54g v2 router and I still have SLOW speed problems. I followed the recommended :

Maximum Ports: 4096

TCP Timeout (s): 300 (decrease if you have many TCP connections)

UDP Timeout (s): 300 (decrease if you have many UDP connections)

Save Settings and then Reboot Router

I still get from .1 kb/s 5.5 kb/s with 41(108) seeds and 1 (917) peers. Same speeds as before I upgraded.

I'm on at&t (formerly bellsouth) DSL. It's not on the list of ISP's that limit torrent speeds.

Speed tests show dl speeds at 3000 kb/s

I also have a static ip and the green check mark showing my ports are properly forwarded.

I don't understand what's going on. Any help would be appreciated. I used to get 80 kb/s on my speedstream router.

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What's your serial number?


On routers with less flash RAM, I've seen recommendations of 1024 max ports, tcp & udp timeout at 120.

You can also see if your RAM is full or you have exceeded your max connections under the "Status" tab for your router:


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Eh... I ran v24 once, router kept auto-rebooting as it couldn't handle the load from µT, in the end I downgraded. It was disappointing as I wanted to use the multiple SSID feature to create a more secure connection for my computer while keeping the familys Nintendo DS's on a weaker one since the pos doesn't support anything higher then WEP. That was some time ago though so it may have been fixed. Make sure the timeouts are ~120 and keep the global number of connections down.

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