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i want to know if this is how upload works!


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suppose i make a torrent of a file, its in 100 pieces,

then for example when connected to a swarm of peers, i give piece x1 to peer y1 whose also giving it to others may be to y46,y90,y24... they in turn pass it on to others in a geometric progression, i give piece say x49 to say peer y81 who in turn gives it out to rest and its autmatically done by client, so this means its a mutliplication not addittion! that means a person can seed for a few moments untill there are seeds created, then its upto the others to keep it alive,

just went thru trash and saw a post about deleting peers and his request, so did query, am i right? Torrents works in this way right?

and also it would be mean for one to allow delete peers manaully. it should never happen, only client should decide on it automatically.

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