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Colored text in addition to icons torrent status


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I think it would be sweet to show torrent status via colored text in addition to the icons. This behaviour occurs in Bittornado varients. This was suggested before but the idea was to highlight the text rather than make the text colored which is too flashy in my opinion.

i think it should be better if the whole line was colored in different color depends on what it is. like this picture


or maybe the text is other color, and white background :)


Green text = torrent working correctly (downloading or seeding)

Red text = torrent has no connections

Gray text = Can't connect to tracker

Yellow text = torrent being firewalled (no incoming connections)

Blue text = no complete copies available

Black text = torrent in que and not active

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I really dislike grid lines, though.

I'd have to agree I really hate grid lines myself. It reminds of being stuck in a cubicle adding data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Due to the varied feelings about what this should look like. Either this feature should be part of a skinning feature (which I think is uneccessary) Or just ignored.

Ah well, it was worth a shot. ;)

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Is there a listing somewhere of what the shapes and colors mean? For example, does blue in µTorrent mean what it does in BitTornado (no full distributed copy) or what it does in Azureus (something like tracker unavailable but I've never really known)? And while I understand the triangles and the No Entry sign, what are the clock [full copy to seed with, but queued?] and the checkmark [no idea about that one]? Are there other shapes (let alone colors besides blue, yellow, and green) in use by µTorrent?

Just my luck that this has is somewhere in the FAQ and I keep missing it every time I reread it.

Thanks for any assistance.

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The clock and the checkmark are not self-explanatory; at least, they're not explaining themselves to me. Nor am I sure which meaning of blue µTorrent users; I'm guessing Azureus's, as my triangle is blue when I join a new torrent, and the number of distributed copies is shown elsewhere, so blue as BitTornado uses it would be redundant.

So if you do put that into the FAQ, Firon (I had not noticed the "created by Firon" credit at the top), or if you just post it here, that would be greatly appreciated.

The pitfall of things that are self-explanatory, you see, is that every self has a different explanation.

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