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How to upload one file via different trackers


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I have a file and membership in several trackers

I would like to seed this file through these trackers and not to waste the space copying it into several directories

As i see utorrent register the torrent under the same name for different trackers (and this name is the name of directory(folder) in which file resides.

After restart of utorrent only one torrent stays and all other disappear.

Thanks in advance


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If the info-hash the same on the different trackers and they are all public trackers, you can add the tracker URL to the one torrent.

If you want to seed on private trackers, try renaming the .torrent before you open it. You will run multiple torrents but you don't need duplicate files on your hard drive. Multiple torrents can seed from the same set of files since seeding only requires reading the files. In cases where the files names are different but the info-hash is the same, you just change the "Set Download Location" and point the torrent to the existing file(s) or folder.

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