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adding torrents/files for seeding


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hello all,

when i open utorrent. the window shows a list of files that are downloading and seeding and files in que. i removed some of the files that were completed. they are still in the folder i saved them to but no longer on the list.

How do i place them back into utorrent window so i can get them seeding again?

when i try to add them to the list on the uttorent window it says that they are not valid torrents although i have not changed the files contents or file name. they are just as i downloaded them.

------when i download a file it saves to my computer as a normal folder with .mp3 music in it. when the file is finished downloading it starts seeding, i can 'right click' on the completed file and remove it from the list. how do i put the file back on the list for seeding?-----

* thanks for your time and help.

i just want to get the files seeding again so i can share


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migration guide.....?

all the downloads that i get through Utorrent are saved in a folder.

named "torrent downloads"

all the folders inside aforementioned 'torrent folder' contain music. within these music folders i found some .nfo and alot of .mp3 files but no migration guides or files ending in .utorrent

?? all files are collected using "utorrent ver.1.7.5" files searched and downloaded from mininova and isohunt. when the files are saved to my computer they look like normal file folders with music in them. are they not torrents?

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