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chris reilly

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I have a 20mb Broadband deal with Virgin media and my net is at 16-19mb at all times; utorrent was fine for a few days.

Now its really really slow and i have the orange triangle showing and says: 'no incoming connections'

The port is set to 6112 and says:

Error! Port 6112 does not appear to be open.

Upon checking; i tried the guide it linked me to in order to open it butt he belkin app has changed and i couldnt fix it.

I have a belking wireless g+ mimo router.

Please could you help and also tell me best settings for downloading fast


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Heya buddy,

Both my machines have the same static IP.

The length of time the DHCP server will reserve the IP address for each computer: 'forever'

DHCP server > 'on'

However under clients, they show different IPS

IP Address Host Name MAC Address pc 00:02:E3:24:15:74 Laptop 00:14:A5:AC:49:E6

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? Only one machine may be configured to an IP... or else you get networking conflicts. When one sets a static IP on windows... the router is irrelevant. You may statically set an IP on the router by MAC Address as you see there... which it apparently has already. But if you are trying to forward ports I'm not sure how well it will work if the router is still thinking it's DHCP. Actually it IS using DHCP but you're telling the router "hey, you see this MAC 12-34-56-78-90-AB, give it this IP" which allows you to keep the LAN computers updated if/when your internet goes out and you get a new external IP or DNS servers. (sidenote, thats what usually happened to me, my IP renewed and I had out of date DNS, so my internet was "dead" until I refreshed the DNS on the LAN PCs so it would pull from the router)... First I'd try getting uT to work from one computer over wireless. Be sure you configure your computer for your linespeed in the speed guide, then Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent and cut your connected peers in 2 because you're going over wireless. After you get one computer working, close uT and set up uT on the second computer. If you plan on using both computers simultaneously you will want to cut all your values in 2 for EACH computer (so they still add up to the same aggregate total). Too much upload can kill your connection... as can too many peers on your belkin.

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