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Am I going crazy... a point of info, plz...


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I seem to remember uT locking files when seeding, so they wouldn't be inadvertently deleted.

Well yesterday, I inadvertently moved a file, I was seeding, instead of copying it.

I renamed & modified it.

When I went back to the download folder, it wasn't there, and realized I did a move & not a copy. Since it was modified, I couldn't move it back. And uT still said I was seeding. I looked for the file in my temp folders, but nothing was there.

So, I'm wondering, does uT lock files it's using?

Is there a setting that will lock files?

Have I discovered a bug?

Any help would be appreciated... thanks!

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uT is quite generous, it does not exclusively hold open files unlike many other programs because it doesn't expect a user will ONLY be using uT (here's looking at you AV, security software, and media players) simultaneously. You wouldn't get an error message in uT if uT isn't trying to pull data. Until something changes, uT keeps chugging along. IF however you got a peer connected and wanting pieces before you moved the data back you'd get the status changed to "error" and you'd see messages in the logger tab (with error logging enabled).

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