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speed problems with wgr614v9


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does anyone else have this router and have jumpy speed problems with torrents? this router was working amazing for me the first month and a half with torrents and everything. but now i am plagued by extremely slow jumpy torrent speeds, completely all of a sudden and i did not change a thing. yes the ports are forwarded properly and ive tested them. and also when i bypass my router and plug directly into the cable modem i immediately get fast torrent speeds again.. everything else on this router is working fine (web browsing, downloading from the web).

i was wondering if this router possibly had problems with p2p and that it may be fixed in a firmware upgrade(only the initial release exists now). or if there is a way to clear the cache or something? i dont understand how it can just start going slow all of a sudden like that. thankyou!!

edit: i tried hard reseting via the button on the back and from its login page to no avail. also tried setting myself as dmz, disabling all firewalls on the router, clearing the logs a bunch of times because they fill up fast with torrents running. nothing works.

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Hi there,

Just today i am starting to see similar issues. Basically it works fine for 3mins.. then slows right down to nothing.. i dont touch it and about 5 mins later it starts again.

Did you work out what was wrong with yours?



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