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ford forwarding problem


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i am using bsnl 256k/2mb connection. i have tried several times for forwarding port but every time it is showing Error! Port 20835 does not appear to be open.

Please see www.portforward.com for more information about how to map a port.

i have tried with several no of ports but of no help . i have router of siemens - model no




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There is a procedure Ultima details the How-To for troubleshooting (link below)... If you make a new post saying what steps you have tried and where you were not able to continue it may show some error somewhere you may have missed? One thing are you sure you listed that right. Your NL ISP allows 2 Mbit up which is 4x their download?

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i have read the HOW TO manual but of no help. i have tried with portforword.com and have followed the steps but when they redirected to semiens router sl2-141 configuration , there the option which is showing over there is not matching with my router option but the model no that i have choose is right .

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Whatever So It Is Not Matching With The Option I Have In My Router.

I Have Also Gone Through Static Ip Setting Guide And Did Port Forwording After Making My Ip Static But Of No Help Same Error ,i Am Trying Port No-61478 Is It Ok?

I Have Just Tested, It Giving A Download Speed Of 75kbps And Upload 1.5kbps

My System Configuration Are

1.7 Celeron Proccessor

40gb Hardisk

128 Mb Ram

P4 Motherboard

My 80% Hardisk Is Full

Is It The I Am Not Experiencing High Download Speed?

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