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Not being able to download file


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Alright so I'm trying to download this thing that was recently uploaded and it just isn't even starting. 0%.

I did the whole port forwarding deal so I don't know what the problem is.

I tried it with regular bittorent and I get this error message:

"Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers"

In utorrent it simple doesn't do anything. The file listing says that several people have completed download of the file (this was AFTER I started it too) so the problem is local.

What's the deal here???

BTW, it shows 0 (1) seeds and 0 (4) peers.

But I'm almost sure people are actively downloading it right now because the number of peers/seeds is higher on the torrent site (and has gone up since I got the torrent)

Also, I have McAfee AV installed... not sure if that would affect anything...

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Yeah I can download other torrents.

It says there's like 18 peers and 12 leeches though so doesn't that mean some people are getting it to work???

What does it mean that the tracker's down?

thanks (I'm clueless about this stuff)

EDIT: Alright did some research and that means that there are 18 people d/ling and I cant' connect right? Why can't I connect to them? I did the port forwarding thing already.

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