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1.7.7 IF power loss THEN (sometimes) filelist clean, file piece wrong


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Yes, of course it starts to redownload because the data was found to be corrupted!

But why the data was corrupted? These file(s) alredy (long month ago) downloaded! Every night I cut off my comp => files flush to disk. Files extension is .avi, not exeutable, *.dll and similar.

as far as I can see, utorrent open() for read and write (not read only!) all files, even if file is 100% complete. After power loss opened for write files may be damage.

most probably, filelist null after power loss -- similar reason.

ps. sorry for my english

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Yes, i know. ups rulezz forever. ;) I not from moon tumble down.

Power loss bugs - must die. Why utorrent can not open critical files for read only?

I see, that downloading files open for write. But completed files and system files should be open for read only. IMHO.

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