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frustrated on 6 kb/s


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long story short:

one day my torrents suddenly started to go VERY slow. at first i had 17 kb/s as maximum dl-speed. now its 6 kb/s. before i got up to 300 kb/s using my home-internet.

i've tried EVERYTHING, including the advices in the sticky notes, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

now im connected to my friends internet connection, where i usually get around 250-300 kb/s, but still i only get 6 kb/s max.

i have a green sign in the utorrent-bar now. before i had a yellow, but still i could download with maximum speed. my ip is not banned.

the internet browser (mozilla) works just fine, and i have no spyware / virus.

i hope there is someone out there that has a solution to this. its very frustrating.

best regards

sondre, norway

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