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unusual upload speed!


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hey.. hi there one and all!

first i had problems uploading, it never crossed 8kB/s

i wanted to upload at faster speeds, i was told to select xx/256 in prefrences

now my uploads have jumped to 45 kB/s, my down speed has got smashed to meare 15 kB/s.

prior to the settings change made by me i used to get 30-35kB/s down speed and 8kB/s up speed.

this changes made by me is hammpering my down speed

i don mind uploading this fast, but what to do with my down speed.

my connection as ADSL 256 kbps.

kindly guide me in this issue.



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Your ADSL line may or may not be symmetric. (meaning download speed max = upload speed max.)

But if xx/256k seems "too much", try xx/192k.

Or cross the xx/192k settings with xx/256k settings...use the upload speed from the faster one and the max per torrent and global connections of the slower one.

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