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utorrent and CCproxy


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Hi all,

I have a small lan with one computer acting as the internet gateway and others connecting to it via "CCproxy".

My problem is that utorrent does not seem to want to use the proxy server to connect and acts as though it is not connected to the internet (duh!). Naturally I have configured utorrent to connect via proxy and set the port numbers as required.

I'm using utorrent 1.7.7 which supports socks5 as does CCproxy. Port numbers match as does the proxy computer IP. CCProxy does not see any connection coming from utorrent but it does see (and allow) HTTP, POP3, SMTP, etc. from the computer running utorrent.

I have tried disabling the firewall (was Zonealarm but now Comodo) just in case it was blocking access, but with no result.

I have checked the "test" torrent works on the proxy server computer, which it does.

utorrent doesn't report any proxy type errors other than it can't resolve hostnames or "invalid urls". I can't find any option to log messages from utorrent.

Any ideas or am I just a dummy??? (the latter is probably true anyway) :)

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Sure did....

The puzzle is that CCproxy doesn't log any attempts to connect to it from utorrent although it does log attempts from anything else.

It's as though utorrent is not attempting to use the proxy but is stubbornly trying to connect directly (which it can't).

Is there a way of getting utorrent to tell me what it's doing?


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OK - that helped, sort of. The log contains "Proxy offline:Timeout" messages (or similar wording to that). The status window (bottom left) says "DHT:Waiting for login".

If I change to use HTTP connect then I get a little further but then I get lots of "Unreachable host" messages presumably from the trackers. This makes sense as they are obviously not on my lan. It looks to me as though utorrent isn't using the proxy server properly....

Thanks for trying help but I think I will put utorrent onto the proxy server computer and let it connect directly - at least it works that way!!


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