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NAT Error wont go away.


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My 3m/700k dsl came with a modem/router the firewall is disabled and unpnp is off. I ran the patch for sp2 i tested at canyouseeme even with outpost firewall off and still it failed.

Here are my settings.

upload @ 64

port in the 40000

global max 400

connect peers 80

slots 16

Max Active 8

Downloads 5

DHT Disabled

advanced are

peer.lazy true

net.max.halfopen 8

so what could be the problem?

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I had the Nar Error, tried port forwarding, other settings but still couldn't get UPnP(6703) OK.

I worked it out. Something back, I ran Steve Gibson's little program called UnPlug n' Pray to disable XP's UPnP, but I thought it only was for MSN. Well, I ran upnp.exe again to ENABLE UPnP and I now have UPnP (6703) OK on statusbar.

Cheerz ;)

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