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Trouble downloading at school...


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Okay, I'm new with using Torrents, but I know a little about computers. Our school is somewhat strict with what ports are open, but I used a port checker and found that at least these ports are open:





I've tried all of them, and the very most that I get from any is about 2.5 kb/s. Does anyone know of any ports that will work with more success? Or what measures I need to take to get this working?

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... The How-To covers what I term "limited presence" mode in post #2. This means disabling extraneous features, and then I recommend FORCING encryption and dis-allowing unencrypted connections in Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent. Afterwards test with OpenOffice torrents or Slackware torrents... do you still get limited speeds?

Generally speaking ANY download on campus is good. Being perma-firewalled doesn't help you.

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