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NooB, few questions: saving downloads, & a few others


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Hi. I'm new to using uTorrent. moved from BitComet. I have uTorrent v1.7.7. Have been downloading a file that is at 47% now And when I turn off my computer and turn it on again, the downloaded MB that shows beside the download speed starts at zero again even though the status indicator is increasing steadily.Is this normal?

Secondly, I chose to save new downloads to a partition on my hard drive where a folder was created by uTorrent that has the name of that which I'm downloding. Although this torrent isn't completed I can open it using Power ISO. I notice that even though the amount of download has increased, nothing new shows in the PowerISO interface. Why is that? Should an incomplete download even be openable?

MOST IMPORTANTLY: the only thing visible showing any download info at the bottom of the uTorrent interface is showing of the download speed. If I click any of the other option,ie:'File's, 'Peers', 'Pieces', 'Loggers' etc, I get no information at all, even though the download is showing as downloading.

Is it??

As I didn't know how to get the torrent using uTorrent's means, I used bitcomet to find the download, chose to save it to disk (where an image of it- loaded by firefox-) showed on my com desktop & I did then load it into Utorrent by using the "Add Torrent" button on the interface. Clicked start & set it in motion.

Advice most welcome.

Especially if thie download isn't downloading though all signs are that it is. ( except for the "nothing new in PowerISO".

Am I doing or not doing something tha I should have???

More Important is, am I watching a torrent download that isn't!!!


ps. I have to go out so can't hold a running conversation at the moment. Please post your advice/replies and I will check back later. Thanks

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Click on a torrent to show information ;) You may find the uTorrent Manual helpful (linked below and from the Guides page for convenience).

Hmmmm. How did you shut down uT when you closed it? If you stop, right click, force recheck, you should pick up where you left off (47%) on that torrent. PowerISO I bet doesn't understand sparse files, which is an option to allow you to TEL the OS you're getting data without having to have it all already. There is a search bar in uT.

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Hi, thanks fir your advice. I just edited my query and then realised that you had replied to it.

I close uTorrent by right clicking tray icon and then exit. When I reopen uTorrent, the downloaded % shows under "Done"that which it was when I shut down, but the MB count at bottom of interface that showed, say, 250MB downloaded, resets to zero. As I said it does. Wondered about this as with the other BitTorrent downloader I was using, the amount of download( in MB ) up to the point when I closed down midway through, and the download percentage at that time, were visibly there.

I will look into the links to the manuals you list. I did go in search of manuals and gave up when I got to the one by "Brian" I think his name is, who had a manual for "Beginners Guide....every mothers....." etc.

.Using uT is a bit different to BC. BC was a doddle. As easy as , lets say Limewire, which I have neither time nor use for anymore.

I'll go in search of info on use etc from the links that you give, thanks.

Now I must get away to town.

Will lookin later. cheers, kiotiMac

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how embarrassing. I click onto torrent I'm downloading and have all info (Pieces, Peers etc) that I wasn't able to see before. I should have known that as it the same in BC. Being too cautious I think. Relief to see the full total of download so far is there. Well that which I figured it to be. All good.

I tried to use the 'Search bar' and typed in a search, chose an option from the drop-down window but nothing returns for it. Nothing opens to show me the torrent I've entered into the searchbar.

I will obtain the user manuals now and get clued-up on the how & what to-do's of uT.

Thanks for your help and links to the manuals.

I feel more confident already with the knowledge that I now have.


ps: I never went & got the manual of Brians @ http://xrl.us/BTFAQ . I read the flying mutual diatribes, scratched chinny-chin-chin, laughed, felt sorry for him & his good intentions paving the way to hell, it would seem, decided that I'd give it a miss & went on my own BC learnt way.

Now, jewelisheaven, for those suggestions of yours. I've already downloaded one since my last post. I'll get the others and have a read while the 993MB torrent I'm happily getting goes on to completion.

I hope: just looked at Logger tab, 3 failed hash checks @ pieces 823, 746, 866 respectively,@ three different times,probably when I restarted the download at these 3 times.

Also, there are 19 'error opening' messages timed from 20:41:03 to 20:47:31 today that will relate to the torrent tried to locate in 'Search' a short time ago. Probably there because it's the same one that I'm already loading.

Tried searching for another torrent shortly after but there's been no sign of that & there is not an error opening message in Logger referring to it.

Never mind, I'll see what happens when the one I am downloading reaches 100%.

Now for a read of the manuals. Always a good starting point. :)

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I have fully updated XP Pro Media Centre 2005 + SP2. The Media centre doesn't really function properly as I don't have a graphics card that it requires for full operation. My card is Radeon 9000S. Came with 2nd hand com that I bought year ago,(HP Compaq Presario S3010AN), WXP Hoem +SP1. I crashed that program doing a 'System Recovery'. fresh installed my own WXP Hoem SP1 and loaded SP2 to it.Prefer XP Pro so loaded XP Pro Media centre +SP2 which I use now.Won't get another graphics card, this one OK. got D3D etc. Intend to build dual core next month.

I.have been doing some reading and wish I had done so before I started downloading the torrent I am now getting as I had 40% of it in BC! files and didn't know how to get uT to take over. I do now. Grrrrr. dumbo-moi!

I still haven't managed to get a result out of the 'Search bar'. Probably because I haven't tried again. Waiting for current download to complete.Will be two more nights as I only on dial-up. I Woosh BB customer but can't get signal here in Oamaru NZ where I am at moment.Alas

I will look into the "set program access and defaults" you mention. Ahem,,, which 'browser set ' do you refer to? A uT browser or, Firefox say?

Dumb eh!! BC started opening into its own search browser( which I agreed for it to do) which went to IE7. I don't usually use IE. In fact I didn't until then. I use Firefox

I moved to uT from BC which I'd been using past 2-3 years so uT is new in many ways to me. uT was recommended to me from a thread that I had placed in PressF1 about TCP/IP concurrent connections limits. I tweaked the settings using Lvlords EvID4226 patch and changed the max again. anyway, I'm now using uT and am happy with it. I notice that it opens really quickly, uses only 2% of CPU & around 8 or so MB of RAM.

Now, I gotta go get some more of the User know how installed into my system.

Thanks again for your leaders. :)

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Cheers Kiwi :) Hehe, indeed pre-made Guides are quite helpful. After that if you want you can check out http://xrl.us/BTFAQ for additional reading about bittorrent if the Guides page below wasn't enough reading. You will want to setup Ctrl-P preferences to your current setup so you don't have to do alot of clicking each torrent add. For help that Manual I mentioned covers everything. If you have other questions feel free to ask below

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AHA!.I have managed to find where the chosen torrents are being stored waiting to be activated. I read the "Settings" page in the manual & used Start> Run typed in %AppData%|uTorrent as advised & was directed to the uTorrent folder in C:\Documents and Settings\kiotiMac\Application Data\uTorrent. There I see icons for the torrent that I am presently downloading and another that I used the search bar to locate. This 2nd torrent I don't really want as I already have it, but i entered it as a search trial. I went through the processes of adding it and started downloading it. Now I will stop it.

Still haven't found the 'Browser'. Is this the one to which you referred?

It's the one that I will use until I know better. It does the job.


edited 24 hours later


I think that I have sorted out the torrent search grey spot. I have a torrent finder toolbar that I added to Firefox browser and I used this to search for a torrent. When found I chose one of the many and chose to load it to uT which is set as my magnet for all torrents. This was done and it began to down/upload. I will use this to search in future.

A bit different to that which I was used to but I'll adapt to it.

I have been rreading the manuals you linked me to, & Bran Dessent's manual, learning from all of them.

Man!!!! There's a lot of tech terminologies in there that are completely alien to NooB-me. :)


now for my next glitch.....hmmmmm

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