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Making best use of speed settings?


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Hi, just a quick noob-ish question from a first time Torrent user. (Been using Emule for the last 5 years)

I did a speed test recently and got 448 kbps upstream, 4768 kbps downstream.

So for uTorrent's speed setting, is it ok for me to put 35kb/s as an upload limit for an individual file? (I'm only downloading 1 file at the moment) The speed guide currently has the following statistics:

Upload limit: 280kB/s

Upload slots: 8

Connections: 100

Connections global: 750

Max active torrents: 9

Max active downloads: 8

Am I making the best of my connection and getting the best possible download speed with that setting? I've also ticked the 'limit local peer bandwidth' box so the upload limit actually works, when previously I noticed upload went past 35kb/s.

Other details:

Windows XP SP2

UTorrent 1.7.7.

2gig RAM

Port forwarded correctly

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Actually, I've realised on the speed guide, the 'xx's on the speed chart are probably download rates, right? In which case the current upload limit in my speed guide is a bit...over the top. If I choose xx/384k, the stats say 'max active torrents' as 3. Does this mean I can only download 3 files at a time? Sorry for the noob questions.

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The values are pretty clear. It separates numbers based upon TOTAL torrents running and total DOWNLOADS... so people can have say 5 torrents running and allow 3 of them to be downloads. Have you checked out the pre-made Guides (linked below)? To learn more about uT as well check out the µManual below.

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