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A few proxy issues.


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My provider (Kliksafe) forced me to use their proxy in my browser. I've to use their proxy on port 8080 with username and password. Kliksafe don't have Internet servers, only a proxy server. So they lease by an other provider with unfiltered Internet (Solcon). Kliksafe don't like that a play with uTorrents so I've to use protocol encryption and my ports forwarded what is done succesfully. The actually problem is that I also need their proxy for the connections with trackers. The P2P connections are automatically directed over Solcon (no problems there). If I don't use a proxy, I get 403 errors with all trackers that are connected via 80/ 8080 ports (that are almost trackers); other trackers are working. If I set my Kliksafe proxy (with authorizing) all trackers work, except the trackers that are blocked by Kliksafe (also 403 errors) - also most trackers -. Kliksafe actually didn't blocked trackers, but the sites behind the trackers. But if they block e.g. TPB (they did), there tracker is also blocked because the names are almost the same. On that way are many trackers blocked.

So now I use the program HTTP Tunnel Client (JAP, Tor (Vidalia/ Privoxy), MyFreedom, UltraSurf, Proximitron, proxy's founded on web, and some other programs didn't work with uTorrent for me) but that gives me also problems on private trackers. Many unregistered pass keys, it's slowly and uTorrent won't connect with seeders on some private trackers. I've tried somethings with giving my hostname to the private tracker but not all private trackers are seeing the same IP. Some displays HTTP tunnel client IP, some Kliksafe and some Solcon's.

What's the best thing I can do? (other provider or VPN are no solutions for me)...thanks.

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Uhm... I don't know much about proxies, but I do know that 1.8 supports

--- 2008-01-06: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7593)

- Change: use CONNECT for peer connections through HTTP style proxies

- Fix: CONNECT requests to "HTTPS" style proxies (peer connections now work)

As far as the other trackers... there are the options in the http://xrl.us/AdvPrefs for sending the tracker your real IP and what not :/

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