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Since this thread has been created perhaps you wouldn't mind if I ask a question? (hope hope hope)

Before I started using µTorrent I used Shadows S-5.8.11. I never had a real beef with it but µTorrent sounded interesting so I tried it. I have read through the FAQ three times, and I have read a lot of discussion here on these forums, and I've never seen my question addressed. Here goes...

Using Shadows it displays an overall torrent speed. i.e the total upload speed of the torrent. Oh sure it's probably not accurate but as a guide for making a quick judgement as to whether of not to stay on a poorly seeded torrent it was a nice bit of info. Say you have three seeders on a 12 GB torrent. Shadows might have shown that the total torrent speed was 28 kB/s. I would see this number and use it to make a judgement as to whether or not it was worth my time to stay with the torrent. Also, I am currently seeding a 12.2 GB torrent and on another machine that I am still using Shadows on I see the current overall torrent "speed" is almost 4000 kBs. I have always found this information interesting, at least to me.

I have studied the µTorrent interface as best as I can and did not find anything that displayed this. Is it there and if it isn't is there a reason why this wouldn't be of interest to people who use this fine program?

If this were something that needs to be requested, I'll try to find the right place to do that.

Thanks in advance.

Ooops, I found something I think answers this. Someone requested a "Swarm Speed" indicator. And even though the votes are 91 yes 21 no it's marked as a "bad feature". This is an interesting group.....

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pricek: You didn't forward it properly then. Make sure you forwarded to the correct IP address (Start -> Run -> cmd /k ipconfig)

aangen: Because it's inaccurate and generally worthless.

Just look at the Peer dl column on the Peers tab, it should be good enough. :P

I don't know who marked it as bad feature, I didn't. I guess whoever did thought it was useless too. The Peer dl column is good enough, imo.

And for the record, Alt 0181 (on the numpad) µ


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The overall swarm speed never tells you the speeds of the other peers. Only the ones that you are directly connected to.

Why? Because the speed is estimated based on the rate of "Have" messages that you get from a peer (and it'll only include pieces they got from peers that are not you, since most clients don't send a have message when they get a piece from you, it's called have supression)

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