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I'm not using firewall and routers but WHY?


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Hi, I have problems regarding ports and LOW speed. HELP.


1. I don't use firewall and windows firewall is disabled.

2. My connection is cable modem and no routers.

3. When testing ports I always get errors.

4. Yellow sign - No Incoming connections, and sometimes Red sign - Not connectable.

What can I do to make it work? Help me please.



A64 3800x2



Asus M2v

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Yep, I guess you can call it as plain stupid but I have not encountered any hack attacks and virus so far in 5 years. But thanks for the reply. Now, I have checked the ipconfig and IP is not the same from what Ip checker websites says. It's strange, whenever I refresh the site my IP changes - it changes in cycles 3 different IP address.

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;) If you have not been compromised on a windows machine EVER in 5 years with nothing between you and the net I commend your locked-down-ness. The fact the IP is different means your IP uses a proxy of some sort so... not much you can do aside from reading up in the Manual (link below) regarding the relevant net.* options or the override for "IP/Hostname to report to tracker" :(
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