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please don't shout I am new

Tartan Lady

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Hi everyone I have read through all the speed colums maybe I am having a blond moment I dont know.

Can anyone tell me what I should have settings at.

My broadband connection is a 4MB one

I use a sitecom202 router which I am positive that I have forwarded correctly

did the speed test see below please

I am wondering why my speeds do not seem to match what my isp says I have ie 4MB

I am at the moment d/l two files and my speeds are 10.3 KB/s down and 20.8KB/s up

can some one tell me in simple terms what I am doing wrong and I have no doubt it is me and not utorrent.

Thank you in advance :)

Sorry P.S. it also slows my computer right down :( ooops and forgot to say do not have nat error :)

Personal test results


921.8 kilobits per second

Communications 921.8 kilobits per second

Storage 112.5 kilobytes per second

1MB file download 9.1 seconds

Subjective rating Good

Explain results


Date & time Sunday, December 18, 6:10AM*

Test type IDT4 Free

Connection type Cable

Region United Kingdom

Data size 1024KB

IP address


* EST (-0500)

Start a personal test

A free test will be run.Have a subscription?


Cable connection in United Kingdom



Your speed

Cable in United Kingdom (avg. 0.62 Mbits/sec)

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Hi- These settings work best for me. I've been comparing my speeds to others on the same Torrent (Peer DL column) and I'm usually in the Top 4, many times #1 or 2.

Options, Preferences:

Network Options:

Might try changing "port used for incoming connections" to a different number - (between 40000-60000), then set your router to forward that same number. Some ISP's limit or block certain "known" file-sharing ports.

Torrent Options:

1) Global max connections -300

2) Max number connected peers per torrent -25 (Some recommend an unlimited number here, but what I've read is that....say you have 22 connections going, it wastes your bandwidth to continually search for more & more connections. I've tried up to 50 connections and it reduced my speed.

-Set upload speed to 60-80%. I read 80% recommended alot, but you can go lower and see if that helps increase speed. I have 42k max UL and can run 30-32k, but I prefer 24k up.

The other thing I've noticed is sometimes on Public Torrents, people don't hang around and seed. The advertised seeders/leechers is not always correct either. Last tip is just be patient, speeds seem to pick up the more % of a file you have and also as more people join the Torrent.

This page also helped me alot when I was using Bitcomet and the same principles apply to any BT client. The port forwarding for Routers is vital to be correct for good speeds. Before fixing this I was only getting about 20% of available speed. http://www.p2pforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=99434#99434

UTorrent Rocks!!

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