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Not seeding/connecting to peers


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Hello all,

I searched for a while on this issue, but I haven't found what I'm looking for really. If anyone can help or point me to a relevant topic, I'd appreciate it.

I'm currently switching over from Azureus to uTorrent. I'm using XP SP2 with a linksys router and no firewalls. Azureus is using port 6881. uTorrent is using another port, i forget which, but everything is forwarded correctly. I've downloaded with no problem in uTorrent, and while downloading, I can upload pretty well too. After completing the download (or adding a completed Azureus torrent to seed), I am not connecting to seed too well. I loaded at least a dozen active torrents, and they seed fine in AZ, but only one or two actually connect and upload in uT. I notice that the numbers in the peers columns, for example, would say something like: 0(15). the first number would increase, and quickly drop... it would go 0(15) to 1(15) back to 0(15), or if someone is connected, from 1 to 2, then drop... it seems to me like most peers aren't connecting properly. I have # of slots, max simultaneous torrents, etc set fairly high, and the download does work fine. the one peer that connected to one torrent i had got a pretty high dl speed (like 70-80k), but overall, i'm having this problem with most of my seeds. Any ideas?

thanks for your time, whoever's reading this;)


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Try turning on peer.lazy_bitfield, might be your ISP is screwing with seeding. (Azureus has a similar option, but it's on by default)

And if it's a Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS, read this very important note. It may be the answer to your problems. If it's another Linksys, get the latest firmware for it from linksys's website. You may have to turn off DHT anyway.

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I turned on the peer.lazy-bitfield variable, and it seems to have helped a bit.

My seeding priority is at 200% so i think that should work ok.. ill try 150 and see if any improvement though, thanks!

my router isn't the one listed, i forget the exact model #, and its a pain to dig out right now, but it's never given me real troubles, and its always up-to-date.

I still notice some peers drop off fast. I've never really paid attention to this, is this normal to happen to other people?

Either way, thanks for the help, i'm certainly uploading at a more acceptable level now. Happy Holidays all!


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