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relakks.com not resolving correctly in DNS


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Does anybody know the IP address of pptp.relakks.com?

Would be great if someone could give me the DNS address of their relakks-connection or the ip-address of their pptp-host?

Apparently, the DNS entry has changed to some bogus US company...I was successfully connected this afternoon but can't re-connect since about 6pm GMT.

They should be on 83.233.xx.xx or somewhere ...their Mail Host is if that is of any help for finding out the IP address of pptp.relakks.com or it's DNS server.

Their provider Skycom.se seems to have lost knowledge of relakks.com completely and not even returns the bogus US address in nslookup.

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what do you mean?

That this question doesn't belong into a utorrent forum?

I totally agree :(

However, I would really appreciate your help!!

Other people who use Relakks to escape their ISP's throtteling on bittorrent could use the information, too?

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sorry, no offense meant ;) I was only bitching about the wrong IP address resolution, thats all.

Any idea how I could find out the real IP address for pptp.relakks.com since the DNS entry has been obviously hijacked?

Aaah, I think they forgot to pay their annual fee for the domain.

Relakks.com is now registered under EXPIREDDOMAINS.REGISTER.COM - it just took a while to replicate this information around the world...ah well... come Monday, they will work it out eventually :)

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