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OK, so first off i need to express that I am totally frustrated. Phew, ok , I feel a tad better.

Anyway about 2 weeks ago I started getting these error messages like this:

Delayed Write Failed

Windows was unable to save all the data for the file drive_letter:\file_path\file_name. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.

I use an external 150 gig hard drive to download and store media torrents on. Other than the error message other symptons were: torrent files would stop midstream and I could not get them going again no matter what I tried. I would delete them and start over. Sometimes they would get further along other times less and then they would stop.

Now when I exit Utorrent or stop or pause it. All torrents that haven't been finished, are in a checking mode. One at a time the status will show the % that it has been checked. I really don't even know what it means, it can take hours for just one torrent to get back to the % it was at when it was stopped prior. I have googled for a solution. I've tried some suggestions.I even tried a different cable for the hard drive all to no avail. Thanks in advance. David

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... Dying hardware. That is a symptom of a controller problem (I've had it several times before). Be sure your hardware is not dying on you.

The beauty of bittorrent is, as long as the data stays there, you can resume from anywhere. Deleting just adds headache and frustration to your downloading experience :P

How do you close uT. After 10 seconds uT auto-closes, if you want to see if this is the problem try bt.graceful_shutdown. This will allow uT to close itself gracefully, only when it's done so this recheck on startup does not happen. I'd even go so far as to stop all running torrents before closing ESPECIALLY until you figure out this controller/driver/hardware problem. (You can make a new label for easy retrieval later) If you have "enable errors" logging on in Logger tab, does uT see any errors relating to file access?

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In uT there is a 'Details' pane (F5) where you see torrent vital stats. The farthest right tab is "logger"... truthfully it needs to be changed to Logging, but I digress.

Right click in the pane, enable error logging. See what shows up over time. After how long running does the error show up for windows? Are you connecting USB through a hub? Do you have another USB plug on your computer you can connect to to try and see if that port is dying?

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This is from a file that kept giving me the I/O device error message, I could restart it and it would download for a while then I would get the error again. It got up to 99.9% complete and I got the error msg again now it will restart like it is going to work,it will count down the ETA then the message pops up again. This has happened with other files too. I have also tried plugging into a different USB hub to no avail.

[04:39:02] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x800706D9

[04:40:18] *** [Man's Best] Movie: PIECE 82 FAILED HASH CHECK

[05:45:48] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 3934

[05:45:48] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 825

[05:46:59] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 2820

[05:46:59] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 2075

[05:46:59] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 652

[05:48:09] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 3046

[05:48:09] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 1085

[05:48:09] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 1308

[05:48:09] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 3345

[05:49:57] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 1905

[05:51:53] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 714

[05:52:22] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 1415

[05:52:22] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 2511

[05:52:22] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 2743

[05:52:22] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 623

[05:53:03] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 710

[05:53:33] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 1203

[05:53:33] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 921

[05:53:33] : [bitComet/]: Got Bad Have 3720

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