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Use proxy only for some ports


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The problem is, my ISP doesn't allow connections to non-standard ports (other than 21;80 and a few other) through the proxy, direct connection must be used. So, if the tracker is on port 80, I use the proxy and everything is fine, if the tracker is on some other port (e.g. 6969) I disable the proxy and everything is fine. But, if i have 2 torrents, one with tracker on port 80, other on port 6969, I get a headache of switching the proxy on and off to announce properly.

The request is, could you make an option to use the proxy for port 80 only, or something like "Use proxy only for ports:".

Thank you

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Direct connection is possible to all ports except for 80.

It's probably made for better speed on web pages, it's a LAN im in.

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Yes, it's pretty rare, that's why i was a bit skeptical if i should even post this request.

net.proxy_only_ports would be better, i need to use proxy only for port 80.

EDIT by silverfire: Please do not double post.

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Edit 1: I deleted my double post above, and both got removed... will repost here (should be "read" above Rebbelus's last post)

Edit 2: Holy crap, I posted again, and it became a triple post! I wonder if this'll become a quadruple post...

Edit 3: There's officially something wrong with the forum... if not, the server (?)... maybe my net connection... it's feeling laggy today. (I got another triple post -.-)

Edit 4: *sigh* I give up...

Edit 5: Wow I wonder how the multi-post got resolved... I see one post after switching to IE. Anyway, back to your regular program ;P

Hm... odd situation you've got going on there... Seems like a very obscure (and will *probably* be a very underused) feature, but I don't see why it would be too hard to add a net.proxy_exclude_ports or something. Time will tell whether ludde adds it =P

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Have you considered running two clients with different setting locations, one for internal and one for external trackers? The downside is that you have to externally manage bandwidth. (eg, cFosSpeed.)

That's what i'm doin' (uTorrent for LAN & BitSpirit for INTERNET) but the problem is that BitSpirit takes a lot of memory and I can't run two instance of uTorrent

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I would also like the ability to set up Utorrent to use a proxy for only a few ports. I live in a college dorm and they block some ports used by P2P programs because so many ppl are stupid and don't seem to know how to use antivirus software. I would like to only have to use a proxy with only a few specific ports.

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